The Monday to Friday workweek can be a grind. Perhaps the hardest part of this five-day cyclical commonality is the cold mornings of winter, when you have to wake up to the abrasive alarm clock before the sun has even had time to rise. These days begin whether you want them to or not, and that can be tough to bear. What is worse is that once the alarm goes off you are back within time and are responsible for getting through your morning routine and to work without being late. Morning routines are roughly the same for most. The alarm goes and you lay in bed feeling that last moment of warmth before you must exit your blanketed cocoon and face that cold morning air that is such a harsh contrast to the comfort you had perfected over the last eight hours of sleep. But once you swing your legs to the side of the bed and stand to face the day, the first place most will go is the bathroom. The shower is like a saving grace to every morning. The warm water both awakens the body and relaxes the mind so that the day seems somewhat more manageable. Yet, sooner or later, that warm water must be turned off, and the curtain must be pushed aside so that your vulnerable body gets hit once again with that cold air. You quickly grab the towel for warmth but the damage is already done. The solace of the shower is removed and reality has returned. Once the rest of the bathroom rituals are completed, then comes getting dressed for the day. Every day, every week, the same clothes – the work clothes. They sometimes hold little stylish aesthetic. Other times they are stiff and restricting. But they must be worn! The uniform is there to remind you of the day that is ahead and what your role is in that day. However, this is where you can execute your next great life-hack.

Instead of putting your work socks on at this time, reach for your PUDUS slipper socks. You still have, say, twenty to thirty minutes before you have to leave the actual home. So while you have a coffee, a bite to eat, or time to catch up on the news and what you missed on social media, wear your PUDUS slipper socks and add a little bit of warmth, comfort, and coziness to the cold, harsh weekday morning routine. The slipper socks will comfort your feet, the very base of your existence, and allow them to spark joy in your life before the day truly begins. Then, once the moment finally comes that you must leave the house and begin your day, you simply slip off your PUDUS and slide into your work socks and shoes. Your feet, and your mood, will thank you for those minutes of joy before you leave for work. And the PUDUS will wait for you at home until you return in the evening, only to slip into them again and end the day in the same comfort that you started it in.




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