Do not put your PUDUS away for the summer! Yes, I am saying wear your PUDUS through the hot months. And I will tell you when: during a night outdoors, of course! When the sun goes down and the world can cool from the heat, you may still want to sit outside, maybe enjoy a glass of wine or an after dinner drink. It is comfortable, but not sweltering. On these nights I put on my PUDUS and it is the perfect complement to the evening. I love to look at the stars; I love to drink wine outdoors; I love to have comfortable feet. Thus, the PUDUS complete the trifecta for a lovely evening. With my PUDUS, I can relax, sit back, and enjoy myself without being chilled on a summer night. Plus, the style of them allows me to wear them with anything, whether it is pajamas, pants, or shorts. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but also, when I wear my PUDUS, my feet look as comfortable as they feel.

I try to keep all aspects of my life balanced. To keep my good vibes going through
the longer hours of summer, I wear my PUDUS because they allow me to enjoy the
great outdoors without feeling even the slightest inkling of a chill. They keep me so
comfortable outside that I would be okay with taking a midnight nap under the
constellations. I could wake up a couple hours later and my feet would still be warm.
Do not even think of putting your PUDUS away for the summer! They can turn your
good night into a great night.

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