What can be said about my Pudus? These red and black slipper socks remind me of a cabin in the woods, one owned by a lumberjack. The faux-fur lining is a conscious alternative to the comfort of sheep’s wool. The grippers on the bottom are like slippers, only without the heaviness of a rubber-based sole. The grippers provide the same benefit as the rubber sole, but without the clunking noise that comes with the weighted down slippers.

When I am wearing my Pudus, it feels like my feet are resting upon a cloud. It is like there are two fresh blankets wrapped around each foot, keeping them enclosed in their warmth. However, Pudus may be even better than blankets. They keep my feet warm, but they also let them breathe.

My Pudus bring joy to my life. Yes, they are a little silly. They make my feet look a little funny, but I love them for it. When wearing my Pudus, when I look down at my feet, I smile. They are like pieces of joy wrapped around my feet. It is because of this that I always wear my Pudus when I am relaxing.

protection, and no comfort, from the unforgiving ground. So when I get home I put my Pudus on and allow my feet to unwind from the day. In my Pudus my feet receive no cuts, no blisters, no sores. The Pudus act like pillows for my feet to walk upon. I let my feet relax at the end of the day because I know when I wake up tomorrow, my feet will once again meet the ground as I chase after life’s ever-elusive goals. With this knowledge, I feel no problem slipping into my Pudus when I am about to watch a movie and relax for a couple hours. A couple hours where there is no pavement, no sharp objects, no stairs to climb. Just a movie, a relaxed body, and feet wrapped in Pudus for warmth, comfort, and rejuvenation.

So, when I am sitting down to watch Midnight In Paris for the twelfth time, you can bet I am going to do it in my Pudus. When I am in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on a chicken sauté dish, yes I am doing that in my Pudus too. And when I am enjoying a cup of coffee in my backyard on a Saturday morning, you know that I am, once again, doing it in my Pudus. Pudus are more than a slipper sock; they are a way of life, and I am loving every minute of this dolce vita.

Visit: https://www.ilovemypudus.com13696589_1863772503850244_1611811787_n



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